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MENA OPPORTUNITIES ® (MO) is an innovative "less is more" no-nonsense online platform focused on the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region that serves three purposes. MO highlights the best MENA Opportunities curated just for you: money, finance, investments, technology, media, real estate, funding, startups, entrepreneurship, management, news and much more… MO also offers thousands of the best job opportunities through its extensive “Job Opportunities” section (powered by Finally, MO offers efficient and cost-effective global advertising solutions to MENA firms seeking MENA and global exposure as well as global firms seeking MENA exposure. You can access our web platform and/or our mobile optimized platform.

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MENA OPPORTUNITIES has assembled at team of accomplished international contributors who have the liberty of writing on subjects of interest to them when they feel happy, angry, shocked, delighted, disgusted or simply... inspired. Each contributor's views are his or hers alone and do not reflect the opinion of MENA OPPORTUNITIES which positions itself as a "neutral" provider of thought provoking content. Main contributors include: Charbel Boutros, Nima Adelkhani, Lara Ghandour, Antoine El Khazen, Jimmy Fadel, David Chapman, and Albert Khoury.