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The New And Improved Infographiqs... Do So Much More!

The new and improved INFOGRAPHIQS is here! While INFOGRAPHIQS still is the reference when it comes to searching for infographics online with an index of billions of quality infographics, the new site goes way further! Users can now create an account in 30 seconds that allows them to upload their own infographics to INFOGRAPHIQS’s index, potentially allowing their infographics to be searched and seen by thousands of people! What’s an infographic worth if you can’t provide it with exposure? You now easily can to an audience of millions, some searching exactly for the infographics you just uploaded! And if that’s not enough, users can now customize INFOGRAPHIQS to their own taste and preferences… down to the color of the site’s background! So take 30 seconds, signup and discover how the most effective way of searching for infographics just got… a whole lot better!

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