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How To Buy Property In Dubai

Dev Mitra, CEO of Indigo Properties, shares 7 tips to help you make sure you’re dealing with the right developer.

1. Visit the company’s website. Gain insights into the company you are about to sign with. It is important that you know what its history is, who the owners, partners and associates are, how long the company has been around, its ongoing projects and so on.
2. Visit completed projects. Make a visit to the developer’s completed projects to see the styles, finishings and layouts. Seeing is believing, as the saying goes.
3. Talk to existing owners. There is nothing better than a recommendation or unbiased insights from someone who has already been in your situation. A small chat with an existing property owner can reveal a host of pros and cons.
4. Visit social media platforms/other online research. The internet is a great source of information: be sure to have a look at what feedback others have had when working with the developer. Take a look at the developer’s latest news, achievements, events and promotions.
5. Face-to-face meeting. Talking to a sales representative in person can help you clarify any doubts and queries you may have. The representative should be able to inform you of all of the details regarding the laws, finance, insurance and much more to do with property in Dubai. This is also a great way to see what the after-sale service will be like and to have a look inside the office.
6. Mortgage facilities. Make sure to check what tie-ups the developer has with major banks that can provide you with financial support to purchase your home.
7. Pricing, payment plan and other extras. Does the current price give you the right value for your money? Is the developer willing to negotiate prices? Does the payment plan suit your income and cash flow? Be sure to also check if the company has good facilities management for its projects or an owners association.