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Elie Khoury And The Woopra Success Story

Launched in 2008 by young entrepreneur Elie Khoury, Woopra is pioneering real-time analytics, giving businesses and blogs the power to instantly turn live data into actions and results. Woopra unifies live web analytics and customer engagement in one user friendly platform. The site offers instant, detailed visitor data giving its over 100,000 users the ability to harness the power of their stats through tools that enable them to automatically and manually interact with individual visitors. As the company likes to state: "we translate data into insight. We deliver clarity. We teach our customers about their customers". Woopra's mission is to help organizations put customer insight at the center of every decision. The company wants to enable all companies to measure and analyze the customer, not the pageview. It takes a customer-centric approach to data and delivers a true understanding of how customers behave. Khoury has already spread Woopra beyond Lebanon and believes that by targeting a global market his company can create a better image for the MENA region. Woopra is located in the heart of San Francisco’s South of Market district, just around the corner from the Caltrain Station! A "Lebanese" startup based in Silicon Valley... Now we're talking!

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